Academic Lecture Notice: Week 8 (10.23-10.29) of Autumn Term in 2022

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Date and Time




Keynote Speaker


2022.10.27 9:50

Room 208, Wenhuan Building

Department of Agricultural Economy Management

Associate Professor Cui Xufeng

Xie Xinpeng (a senior manager of Wuhan Planning&Design Institute)

Core Issues and Key Technologies of Compiling Township-level Territorial Spatial Planning

2022.10.28 10:00-12:00

Tencent Meeting: 271-291-059

Department of Tourism Management

Associate Professor Li Minglong

Professor Zhang Dexin

Cross-border Innovation of Cultural and Tourism Resources

2022.10.28 18:45-21:00

Room 510 

(Room Drucker), Wenquan Building

Department of Human Resources Management

Professor Zhao Chenhui

Professor Li Yongzhou

Key Measures to Support and Promote the Construction of Talent Platform in Central Cities 

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