Associate Dean Wen Hao was Invited to the 5th Conference of Silk-Road Entrepreneurship Education Network

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On the afternoon of November 25th , 2022, the 5th Conference of Silk-Road Entrepreneurship Education Network: Sustainable Entrepreneurship Strategy and Leadership Development was held online by City University of Macau. Experts from AMBA&BGA and dozens of universities at home and abroad, including Mainland China,Macau, the United Kingdom and Japan, participated in the online conference.

The keynote speeches on Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development were given by Professor Andrew Godley from Henley Business School,   University of Reading, Professor Takehiko Ito and Professor Tadao Onaka from Business School, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Professor Jose Alves from City University of Macau and Wang Zhongming, a senior professor of liberal arts of Zhejiang University and Chairman of Silk-Road Entrepreneurship Education Network. Then, Prof. Zhu Wenzhong, Dean of School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Prof. Xiao Yangao, Associate Dean of School of Economics and Management, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Prof. Shi Liangxing, Dean of Xuanhuai School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Tianjin University, Prof. Kuang Wanhua, Executive Associate Dean of Faculty of Business, City University of Macau, George Iliev, Director of AMBA&BGA and Professor Wen Hao, Associate Dean of our school, shared their experiences in sustainable entrepreneurship and leadership development in the round tables. After that, Professor Chen Jun of Zhejiang University, Dr. Meng Tian, Director of MBA Education Center, Shanghai University, Professor Zhao Yanhai, Associate Dean of School of Management, Lanzhou University, and Professor Xu Tao, Associate Dean of Business School, Soochow University, had a discussion on Green Management and Leadership Development of Financial Managers.

Wen Hao, Associate Dean of MBA of ZUEL, gave a speech on the topic of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development in SBA of ZUEL. Starting with the training mode of MBA students from 3 levels, namely mindest change, knowledge integration and social capital network, he then introduced the ever-complete support system for entrepreneurship and leadership development of SBA from the driver of research, teaching material development and action learning.  In particular, in light of the characteristics of our school, many institutions like Research Center for Female Leadership and Student Career Development, and the Research Center for Digital Economy and Business Ethics were established and activities like leadership training for women and the co-organized Charity Contest with Noah Wealth were carried out. These exploration and practice of finance and economics institutes in sustainable entrepreneurship and leadership development also highlighted the characteristics of ZUEL’s personnel training that integrated economics, law and management.

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